MB Projects

Explore the possibilities of the knowledge obtained through the MarlarBots Path

Automated Rover

Build a rover that can remember a path you drive it on via GPS and digital compass

Automated Lawn Mower

Repurpose an old gas powered push mower and combine it with the Automated Rover

Permanent Magnet Turbine

Build a turbine with powerful magnets, copper wire, and a 3D printed frame

Gear System

3D print thick gears that can be put together to create a gear-reduction or overdrive systems

Home Alarm System

Door monitors, beepers, window monitors, home-base controller

Text Message Garage Door Opener

Re-purpose a garage door/gate opener clicker and add text message activation electronics to it

Low Power Solar Panel Electronics

Learn how to make radio activated electronics that can survive on a battery and a solar panel for month/years

The MarlarBots.com website

Source Code for the entire website. Take the template and change it to show your content.

Wireless Video Monitoring

Learn the electronics necessary to view an analog camera feed from anywhere from 10ft away to 100 miles away.

Automated Rover With Wireless Video

Build a rover and controller that have wireless live video capaicty.


Build a small aerial drone

WebPage Control For Arduino

Create a website that controls/reads from an Arduino at home via a database

WebPage Home Camera Viewing

Create a website where you can type in the IP address of a home camera and view the live feed.

WebPage Controlled Rover

Create a website where you can control a rover at home.

Remote Control Boat

Build an RC boat