What Is MarlarBots

MarlarBots is an encyclopedia of everything I've learned and done in the fields of embedded systems, electrical circuits, front-end and back-end web design, 3D & 2D modeling, and 3D printing. The biggest reason I made MarlarBots is to show people the MarlarBots path. I created this path to teach someone with no prior experience in engineering, electrical circuits or programming, and teach them the most easily digestible information first, slowly building up to the more complex subjects, and by the end, give the student enough information to branch out and explore any of these fields past my own knowledge.
My goal is to give students enough knowledge to confidently place any of these subjects on a college application, or job resume, as well as inspire everyone to realize how powerful of systems they can build at home using the cheap/modern technology of today!
MarlarBots Path
MarlarBots Projects